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  • Participation in the Ad Hoc Expert Group of Environmental Performance Review Program of United Nations ECE of Geneva; more specifically dealing with performance review chapters about waste and energy in Ukraine, Romania and Belarus;
  • Participation as Technical Assistance Expert for Italian Ministry for Environmental protection to promote joint environmental projects in Croatia, Serbia, Bulgaria, FYROM, Albania;
  • Technical expert for waste to energy sector in a join Italian Ukrainian project in the waste management in the Ukrainian Cities of Mariupol ( 520.000 inh), Chervonograd ( 110.000inh) and Khmelnitskyi ( 260.000 inh);
  • Pre feasibility study and preliminary design for a municipal waste dry digestion project ( 1,2 MWe of power) in an area of about 300.000 inh in Central Italy integrated by photovoltaic panels ( about 600 KWp) [2006-2008], abt 15 million USD of investment;
  • Municipal Solid Waste segregate collection master plan to minimize waste disposal and to minimize cost in Terracina Municipality( ITALY Lazio Region, 50.000 inh), abt. 5 million USD of per year turn over[2008];
  • Detailed and building up design for an integrated plant managing 25.000 wet waste tons per year and 30.000 wastewater sludge with biogas production by dry anaerobic digestion technology, thermal sludge drying, and thermal cogenerated energy by wet waste line to be totally re-used in the energy needs of sludge drying line, abt 22 million of USD of investment [ 2009-2012];
  • Team Leading of an innovative agricultural development project using renewable energy and drip irrigation in North Senegal with co-financing of Italian Ministry for Foreign Affairs, three years project started Mid 2012, abt 3,5 million USD of investment and operational cost.